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HVAC Las Vegas offers clients a well-rounded list of offers for air conditioning services. We offer air conditioning installation services such as heat pumps and mini splits. We can let you know what will be the best option to go with depending on the area you are needing or wanting the air conditioning to be placed. If there is no possibility for ducts to be installed, then a ductless mini split air conditioner will be more ideal for you and your situation. Central air conditioning will require ducts to be installed in order for it to connect to all rooms. The advantage of a mini split air conditioner unit means that you can have rooms at different temperatures and control it with a hand held remote, whereas central air conditioning usually has one main wall panel. If you are questioning whether your air conditioning has a leak, then let our team of professionals come and look at the problem for you. We can fix the leaking by running a few tests and providing duct sealing if necessary. We also provide duct cleaning and other air conditioning services and repairs. If you are interested in any of our services but are needing a few questions answered first, then we welcome you to contact one of our customer care providers so that they can provide you with all their insightful answers you are needing.

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