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Mini Splits

HVAC technician installing mini splits

Mini Splits is the technical name for having two systems. There is one part that is outdoor and one that is indoor. If you have mini split air conditioners in and around your home, then you can control the different temperatures in the different rooms. You can have one temperature set to low and one set to high in the room right next door. The indoor unit is the evaporator and the outdoor unit is the condenser. If you’re wondering whether to have a mini split system or a central air system, then one important factor is the cost. It’s cheaper to have a mini split system.

Heat Pumps

People think that an air conditioning system makes a room cold by producing cool air but really they remove hot air from the room and pump it outside. A heat pump helps remove the hot air inside your home or business to the outside area therefore doing the same thing as the air conditioners. A heat pump can provide both heating and cooling. The name can be a bit misleading making people think it only provides heat. Heat pumps can be installed using one of two sources, air source or ground source. There are major benefits in ground source heat pump systems.

Ductless Mini-split

Installing a ductless mini split air conditioning system into your home is one of the most efficient ways of cooling a home. If duct work isn’t possible then you install a ductless mini split unit. They are super easy to install, they run quietly and they are even energy efficient. The best part? Having the remote in your hands so that you can easily change the temperature while you’re sitting or lying down in the living room or bedroom. Our team will help inspect the units before they are installed to see if they are in perfect condition and ready to be installed.


If the unit is installed correctly, then it will be able to achieve its maximum effect and save you energy and money. Our team has all the required tools to install the units so that you don’t have to worry about purchasing anything extra. We make sure the unit is level and the frame is in place. We make the holes in the wall for the drainage to be able to happen. Our team will decide on the ideal placement as we always have the drain line to think about. The advantages of having a mini split ac unit is the hand held remote controller.

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

You need to maintain your heating and cooling systems if you want them working for a long time. This is important for the quality of your air indoors and the comfort of the people living inside the home. This can be done by letting our team clean out your units for you. The maintenance of ground source heat pumps is obviously different to your usual mini split air conditioners as one system is underground and the over above. This ground source system uses a natural approach to cool and heat your house. Another name for this underground heating and cooling system is geothermal heating and cooling.


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