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Duct Sealing

outdoor air duct system

If you think air is leaking out of your duct, then duct sealing is needed. We find that they usually leak roughly 50% of their air which is how some rooms get cooler than others. Our team runs a test which finds out where the system is leaking by using pressure. After the duct sealing is completed then we can run another test to see how much better the results are. You will need professionals to do this intensive job. Even if your system is leaking 10% then we consider this bad and it needs to be fixed immediately.


If you get the duct sealing service done, then you will feel a lot more comfortable in your home as you will be able to properly feel the coolness of the rooms again. Before duct sealing the temperature might feel stuffy which can make people feel highly uncomfortable. The benefits of getting this done can change the quality of your air, as before sealing the duct there was clearly a leak and this usually results in dust and debris coming into your home. You will also be able to save money after this process and therefore save the environment in some way.

System Efficiency

When you seal the ducts it can prevent air from leaking out. If your ducts are leaking it’s as if you are cooling the house but leaving the front door open, which is pointless. This is why it is so important to do a full duct sealing in your house. We will incorporate duct cleaning into this process in order to leave the duct as good as new. Our state of the art equipment will be able to monitor your ducts and test the air pressure. Our team of technicians will be able to help seal your ducts for you.


If you’re wondering what we use to seal the ducts, then we can help answer that for you right now. We use a duct sealing tape that cover any of the holes that are allowing the air to leak out of the air conditioning system. Using tape will obviously be the more expensive route in the long run as it won’t last forever. The second method is mastic duct sealant which looks like a white paste which goes hard after you put it in the cracks. This sealant will last longer and save you money in the long run. Lastly we have aeroseal duct sealant.

Aeroseal Duct Sealant

This method is the most effective method for your ducts and your money in the long run. This process is overall the best one as it will be able to get to all those leaks and cracks that are impossible for people to reach. Our team will run duct tests using technology that pressurizes the ducts to see where the leaks are. Through this process the leaks will be sealed. After the tests, our technician will show you the results by comparing the before and after. You will immediately be able to feel the effects and improvement of the air quality and pressure in your home.


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