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Duct Cleaning

HVAC technician doing duct cleaning

Air ducts are mostly ignored as they are hidden behind your walls and are unseen. They are what delivers warm and cold air throughout your home or office. Although you do not see them, your air ducts are forever working when you have your ac or your furnace running. What many people do don’t know is that their air ducts are continuously accumulating dust, pet hair and allergens throughout the time that they are in use. Therefore, a professional cleaning for your air duct is necessary to improve the air quality inside of your home.


Our contractors have the best equipment on the market to thoroughly clean your air ducts. This equipment allows us to make the dirtiest duct look brand new. There is a variety of equipment needed to clean air duct and they range from something as simple as hand-held mirror to wet vacuums. The hand help mirror is used to inspect the duct and see what needs to be cleaned out and if any spots have been missed. Wet vacuums are designed to extract water from the ducts as well as any dry debris that maybe in the ducts.


You may wonder what the usual process of duct cleaning looks like so we will walk you through it. Firstly, we will start off by introducing ourselves to the client and we will be shown the problem. Secondly we will need to prep the vents for the cleaning. The next step is to use a vacuum to remove out all the debris or dust that is inside the ducts. Then we clean the air ducts, clean the furnace and clean up the room where we were working. We will show you how much dirt and debris were removed from the vacuum process in order for you to see how well the process worked.


The time it takes to clean air ducts varies on the size of the building as well as the age of the building. A typical families home will take anywhere between two and four hours with two technicians doing the job. if the home is older and they have pets in their home, it will take longer to clean. Newer homes or offices will generally take less time to clean. Another factor that will have an influence on the time it takes to clean is if they have ever been cleaned as there will be a back log of dirt from who knows how long ago.

Air Circulation

The part that people don’t know is that air conditioning and heating systems recirculate air indoors up to seven times in one day. This is another reason why so many things get trapped inside the ducts and an even bigger reason as to why they need to be cleaned regularly. If you use our trusted and qualified team of technicians, then we promise to provide you will the best duct cleaning services and ultimately the cleanest air circulation around your house.


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