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Air Conditioning Repair

HVAC technician doing AC repair

If your air conditioner is running but it’s doing absolutely no cooling, then you most probably need to have it repaired. Our team can provide a fast inspection to see what the problem is and provide a solution. You need to be aware of health factors and risks you take when you leave an air conditioner running with issues. We provide maintenance plans for after our repairs and installations in order to prevent health problems. We are the go to people for air conditioning in Las Vegas.

Maintenance Plans

We have a maintenance plan that we provide our clients with in order to keep all the units we install working over a long period of time and as efficiently as they can. If you follow this plan as set out, then it can reduce the chances of a unit breaking or being problematic. This plan includes checking out the furnace to see that it is working perfectly. This plan will ultimately be able to protect you and keep your family healthy and comfortable, as a clean air quality will be able to be maintained for a long time.

Health Problems

Air conditioners can sometimes be the cause of people getting throat irritations, eye issues and even pharyngitis due to faulty maintenance. This is why we urge people to get their air conditioning systems repaired and maintained. If the air conditioning system that you have in your house is well maintained and was installed correctly, then it will continue to do its job and provide clean air. Get the best team air conditioning service Las Vegas has to offer. Let our team of technicians help get your air quality to the best that it can be.

Leaky Ducts

If your ductwork is leaking some air, then you need to get it checked out soon. The leaking can be caused by many problems, such as damaged seals. The easiest ways to know if you have a leaky duct is by looking for the big indicators. If you air feels stuffy then it could very well be a leaky duct problem. If you notice your electricity bills going higher and higher then it also could be from a leaky duct problem. The easiest indicator to look out for is dust. If you find there is dust everywhere then it’s probably because you have a leaky duct and this could be quite dangerous for your health.


You might want to think about putting a filter in as it helps remove dust and smoke from the air that is coming into your house. A filter helps improve the air quality in your home. We strongly advise that if you have a plastic mesh filter then you need to clean it every two weeks. If you are living in a very polluted environment, then you do need to consider cleaning units and filters every two weeks in order to clean out the particles that are stuck on the filter trap. Let our team help you install a filter and help with the cleaning.


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