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HVAC Las Vegas

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We welcome you to the HVAC Las Vegas team of professional and informative experts and customer care providers. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We serve clients in the Las Vegas area with any of their air conditioning needs or problems by providing them with a lengthy list of services ranging anywhere from air conditioning installation services to duct cleaning and duct sealing services.

This way we know that clients will be able to come to us for anything related to their heating and air conditioning systems. We are the go to ac Las Vegas team.

About Us

HVAC Las Vegas has been the number one company in the air conditioning industry for a number of years. We have achieved this by consistently providing our clients with the best service for all their air conditioning needs, repairs and maintenance services. We offer a variety of services and products, whether it be air conditioning installations, air duct sealing, the best mini splits, cleaning units and air conditioning repairs. Our team have the highest standard of work ethics and we are constantly complimented on it by our clients. We use the best tools available on the market in order to help our services be even more efficient and successful.


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    Our Services

    We offer clients a well-rounded list of offers for heating and air conditioning services. We offer air conditioning installation services, heat pumps and mini split units. We can let you know what will be the best option to go with depending on the area you are needing or wanting the air conditioning to be placed. If there is no possibility for ducts to be installed, then a ductless mini split air conditioner will be more ideal for you and your home. There are many different ways to have air conditioning in your home, so find out about all the different ways before making your decision.

    brand new mini splits
    Mini Splits

    We help install the best mini split Las Vegas air conditioners. Mini Splits is the technical name for having two systems. There is one part that is outdoor and one that is indoor. If you have mini split air conditioners in and around your home, then you can control the different temperatures in the different rooms. You can have one temperature set to low and one set to high in the room right next door.

    HVAC technician doing duct cleaning
    Duct Cleaning

    Let our Las Vegas air duct cleaning team come help you and your ducts out as soon as you need. Ducts are what deliver warm and cold air throughout your home or office. We are the leaders in air duct cleaning Las Vegas. What many people don’t know is that their air ducts are continuously accumulating dust, pet hair and allergens throughout the time that they are in use. We forget that air recirculates around the house several times a day.

    HVAC technician doing duct sealing
    Duct Sealing

    If you think air is leaking out of your duct, then duct sealing is needed. Our team runs a test which finds out where the system is leaking by using pressure. After the duct sealing is completed then we can run another test to see how much better the results are. You will need professionals to do this intensive job. Even if your system is leaking a tiny bit then you still need to get it sealed.

    air conditioning units outdoor
    Air Conditioning Repair

    If your air conditioner is running but it’s not doing much cooling, then you most probably need to have the unit repaired. Our team can provide a fast inspection to see what the problem is and provide a solution as soon as possible. We advise people to repair their air conditioners whenever they sense a problem in the air or temperatures to prevent further damage. We are the number one service providers for an ac repair in Las Vegas.

    HVAC technician doing air conditioning fixing
    Air Conditioning Services

    Air conditioner plays a crucial role in making a home feel more comfortable and healthier. We are the Las Vegas air conditioning service you need. If it’s extremely hot and your air conditioning unit is faulty then you will probably start to feel uncomfortable and hot. You might have a different problem where your unit is working but its making a strange noise which isn’t allowing you to get much sleep at night. Either way we can help solve these problems.

    HVAC technician doing air conditioning installation
    Air Conditioning Installation

    HVAC Las Vegas helps people all around the Las Vegas area with their air conditioning installations. We are the hvac contractors Las Vegas needs and trusts. We have many qualified and experienced contractors and technicians that will make your ac installation a breeze. We can assist in figuring out where to install your ac in order for you to achieve the best cooling results. We will be able to tell you what type of air conditioning unit and system you will need.

    Contact HVAC Las Vegas Company

    HVAC Las Vegas continuously strives to provide our clients with the most efficient air conditioning services in the Las Vegas area. When you contact us, you are not only getting the service you asked for, but a friendly and highly informative voice that will put you at ease. If you are interested in any of our services, then feel free to call us via the number provided on our website. If you are wanting to get in contact with us but it’s not in our normal working hours, then you can fill out a contact form on the website so that we can get back to you.

    “HVAC Las Vegas helped me by repairing my air conditioning and cleaning it out. I have no idea when it comes to air conditioners so I was just thrilled that they suggested what to do and my air conditioner was back on again in no time and working perfectly.” -Abbie H


    “I typed in hvac companies Las Vegas and got the best company. My duct needed cleaning in my office and HVAC Las Vegas helped by efficiently cleaning it out. I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family for future use. I also will only be using them from now on, when it comes to air conditioning problems.” Thomas R


    "I needed multiple air conditioning units installed around my new double story house and HVAC Las Vegas were the team that helped us get the job done. I call them the air conditioning Las Vegas people now. They installed all my air conditioning units so fast and  I’ve never had trouble with them since that day. I highly recommend them for Las Vegas hvac!”